How to Revise

But how do I Revise?

This page will give you some tips for Exam Success

  • First off - forget any social life for the next six months.
  • Also trash TV, NetFlix don't start a new boxset...
  • They are your exams - not your mum's - she already took hers
  • You don't have time for a pity party.
  • Finish any outstanding coursework NOW.
  • Get teacher feedback to improve coursework.
  • Good coursework grades in the bag take the pressure off slightly - but not if you skip revision to catch up and hand them in late.
  • Go online to your exam board site (AQA or EdExcel or OCR) and print off exam papers AND model answers to analyse the content. Be selective.
  • English and Maths are MUST DOs.
  • Also any subject you need at A level.
  • DO your homework properly this term.
  • Go to a LRC to work and revise.
  • And don't even THINK of writing text speak in your exam answers.
  • Use a Black Pen

Study Support Tips
  • Seek the environment for revision
  • A quiet comfortable room
  • Access to books and materials
  • Away from the TV and other distractions
  • Keep an eye on your social calendar
  • Working can be a distraction and it takes up time
  • A balanced diet – the burger and chips problem
  • Try to exercise “All work and no play“
Make a Revision Timetable

Some Ways of Revsing
  • Card index/Flash Cards/Notes of notes
  • Mnemonics
  • Look, cover, write or draw, check
  • Spider diagrams
  • Test a friend/yourself
  • Presentation to others
  • Attend ESP and Improvement Activities

Important but Trival!!!  When Revising........... 
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Drink WATER
  • Reward yourself!
  • Keep track of all your revision ‘bits’ – it will make you feel that you are making progress!!! Why not create a Blog?