Top 5 Revision Blogs

It is always helpful to have a few more ideas on how to approach revision, here are our 5 most popular blogs on different techniques that can help students get the most out of their time:
  • How to Actually Use Retrieval Practice - Not all revision techniques are equal. Some are very effective while others make little impact. One of the most effective revision methods is retrieval practice, also known as the testing effect.
  • Sleep - A Powerful Revision Technique - Despite spending on average over 20 years of our life doing it, the benefits of sleep are often not spoken about clearly and explicitly to students. 
  • 5 Ways to Maximise Revision Time - There is no doubt that for many, last minute cramming and after school revision sessions will be the strategy of choice. But is there a better way? 
  • 15 Ways to Maximise Memory - “Memory is the diary we all carry about with us” so said Oscar Wilde. But are some people’s diaries more accurate than others? What happens if you can’t naturally remember lots of things?
  • 10 Ways to Revise Better - We've looked through the research to find how students can improve their memory, mood and concentration. Here are 10 simple tips that are the best ways to revise.