The Mind Set from BBC Bitesize: Smart advice from exam survivors

GCSEs and Nationals are just around the corner and revision is a priority for thousands of students. Exam anxiety is reportedly at record levels, so BBC Bitesize has stepped in.

Last year, Bitesize asked students from across the UK what type of resources would help them deal with exam stress. The answer they gave us was short, shareable videos featuring young people who've recently taken their exams.  

So that’s what we’re launching today at

The Mind Set is a group of twelve young people, from a range of social backgrounds, with mixed GCSE and Nationals results. What they have in common is the belief that they performed to their full potential, by developing the right mental attitude and taking practical steps to revise effectively.

Across twelve short films and infographics, they offer advice on a range of topics, including getting started with revision, seeking support, keeping motivated, and maintaining self-confidence. Their advice is supported by an experienced team including a leading educationalist, a GP and a high-profile psychologist.

Find out more on the The Mind Set website.