Spanish Revision Help

Then click on Languages Online in the top right hand corner. The best website (it is from a language college)
Great for learning/revising vocabulary
Fully interactive website covering nearly every aspect of Spanish
Free interactive website from Nottingham High School aimed at GCSE and A Level Students
Language website from Manchester Uni.
Good game site for revising vocabulary
A good website for practising grammar. Be careful though, some of the pronunciation that you may hear is Southern American
It is still in progress but there are some good exercises here
You can watch video clips and much more
Allows you to do revision exercises then do ‘exams’
A great site to help you practise numbers
Has listening exercises too!  Use beginner and intermediate sections (ignore the year groups)
Helps you practise verbs and grammar.  Click on Student login/register and then go to the resources down the left-hand side
Helps practise verbs conjugation and has a verb conjugator included
A website just for conjugating verbs
A website that not only is an English-Spanish or Spanish – English dictionary but also one that has a verb conjugator area too
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