GCSE German

http://www.dasding.de/ - music website, gossip, photos, video, songs with lyrics
http://www.hellomylo.com/ - A website with revision activities from year 7 upwards, and some challenges for year 10/11

http://www.kindernachrichten.de/ - Children's News, articles and recipes etc

http://www.suttonhighmfl.110mb.com/  - Click German, then GCSE, then chose a topic.

Hundreds of different activities to revise vocab and grammar
http://derblogger.arte.tv/ - A germanblog website, videos galore

www.s-cool.co.uk/gcse/german - Revision activities and tips for German

- a song by the wise guys about 'Denglisch' - mixing german and english together

- another Wise guys song about the perfect German teacher!

- a remix - Party Rock Anthem auf Deutsch with a facebook theme!

http://www.welt.de/ -  German news website

- Deutsche Welle Youtube channel, for listening / watching news broadcasts

http://www.wetter.de/ - the weather in Germany - good for revision!

http://www.bunte.de/ - Celebrity gossip auf Deutsch

German Radios: