Computer Science Controlled Assessment - Scoring Marks

Even if your code or evidence document is incomplete, it is still possible to score marks in each section of the controlled assessment.

Use the checklist below to see if your evidence document is making the most of the marks available.

Try and have at least one piece of evidence for each section below.

  1. Design of Solution (9 Marks)
    1. What the Problem Involves
    2. Overview of the Problem
    3. Flowcharts

  1. Solution Development (9 Marks)
    1. User Needs
    2. Code Screenshots
    3. Code Listing

  1. Programming Techniques (36 Marks)
    1. Programming Techniques Tables
    2. How Each Part Works Together
    3. Working Code
    4. Efficient Coding
    5. Data Structures Tables
    6. Robust Code

  1. Testing and Evaluation (9 Marks)
    1. Test Plan
    2. Screenshots of Tests
    3. Evaluation