Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Year 11 - Careers Fair and College Applications

.  For those that could not attend the evening, the key points raised were:

  • The best 8 qualification results will be considered for college places (no longer just 5 due to the changes in the Government expectation of student attainment)
  • Courses now have a minimum APS grade  the average point score achieved across allqualifications taken
  • Do not settle for reaching the minimum grades requested by course entry requirements, aim for the best grades attainable to support future career development
  • Courses should be chosen by students and be what they wish to study, not what you as parents wish them to study
  • All colleges want happy students and different colleges will be right for different students
  • The best strategy is to apply for all colleges your son/daughter is interested in attending, accept these places and then decide when they have their results which college they would like to attend.  If they have not applied for a college, there is unlikely to be a place for them in September
  • For the new GCSE English and Mathematics grades, a grade 4 will be acceptable to enter courses for most colleges.  However, the future benchmark will be a Grade 5 and students who do not achieve this will be encouraged to improve their grade to this level to support their future career
  • College entry requirements vary so please check this carefully for the colleges your son/daughter is interested in