Leavers Survey '16

Book Return update please read

Dear Year 11,

Hopefully we will see most of you this afternoon for Book Return so we can sign you off and give you Prom tickets, Yearbook and Hoodies if you have ordered them. If you are unable to attend today then we will be able to complete the sign off after Leavers Assembly on Monday 27th June.

If you are missing Today and Monday then Prom tickets will be posted home and the Yearbooks and Hoodies will be stored in the Year office. You will then be able to return any books to myself or Mr Denman either at a lunch time or during tutor time and we will sign you off and hand out Hoodies/Yearbooks. Please don't come in during the school day other than Am reg or lunch because we may be teaching and the office will be locked.

Mr White

Good luck to you all

Good luck to you all. However hard you’ve worked, you still need luck. But you can do a lot to give yourself the best chance, with good food, sleep, exercise and de-stressing strategies. If you have ANY questions, please ask!

And do remember: this is not life or death. There are many ways to a successful and fulfilled life and exams are no guarantee of anything. They are just one way to give you some wider options.

Top tips for American West Exam for the 14th June

1. Sources A and B will AGREE with each other

2. Sources C and D will AGREE with each other

3. Sources A and B will say the opposite to C and D

4. Sources have different view because they were written at different times, by different people NOP (Nature, Origin, Purpose)

5. How useful is a Source?  How useful is a chocolate teapot? 

6. 10 and 12 mark questions = 4, 3, 2, 1

7. 10 and 12 mark questions - start with the factor that they give you

8. Remember to stick to the time as the most important question on the exam is the last one - either 2c or 3c


Message for all History Students please share

Hi All, 

Hope you're all ok and happy with the MTT exam. 

Assuming I don't get taken for cover I should be free (not teaching) for a lot of tomorrow. I will station myself in 550 and Mrs Warner is around also in 547. If you want to come by and do a bit of revision you are more than welcome to do so. 

If Im not there for whatever reason come and knock on my office door (top of block 3). Stay for as long or as little as you like. 

Many thanks 

Mr Hastings

Revision Cards Use Them

We hope you find your revision cards useful.  

Don't forget to use them

Revision Cards

GCSE Computer Science Seminar Notes

Medicine Through Time Top Tips for 6th June

1. The Ancient World covers Prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek and Roman

2. For 1d on Section A remember 4, 3, 2, 1 (3 factors and 2 examples for each factor)

3. 19th Century = 1800s (during the Industrial Revolution)

4. The Black Period of Surgery = 1847 - 1867 (Pain was dealt with, but infection was not)

5. Problems in surgery = Pain, Infection, Blood Loss

6. Greatest breakthrough in TREATING Disease and Infection = Penicillin (1942)

7. Greatest breakthough in PREVENTING Disease and Infection = Vaccines (1796)

8. Most important factor in Public Health = Government

9. WAR is normally a catalyst - it speeds medical progress up and makes the Government take action

10. TALK ABOUT LEGACY of a person / time period / event / factor 

Computer Science Exam Top Tips