Friday, January 08, 2016

Website Exam Evaluation

The magic formula for passing the web exam was the web exam evaluation? 

Might be overkill, but it's 6 marks you could easily be getting! 

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Where are the marks feedback from exams taken in 2015?

Although in the main students made a valid justification for their choice of colour scheme, once again, only a minority of students made valid justifications for a range of design decisions. Students need to be encouraged to evaluate the effectiveness of the final product and justify their design decisions in relation to the intended audience and purpose. 

Students should also suggest possible improvements to their website and explain how these enhancements would improve the outcome. Too often, students were still describing what they had done in the exam and listing the client’s requirements that they had not met as future improvements. 

In general, very few students included references to audience and purpose in their evaluations and it is clear that students require considerably more support and guidance if they are going to be able to meet the Level 3 assessment criteria for this assessment strand.

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