Well done now get some sleep and rest

Well done for coming to all your Half Term revision sessions.

Now get lots of sleep.

Functional Skills Exam date confirmation

There was a misprint on the Functional Skills (FS) exam timetables you were given last week (the bright orange one). Please see below for confirmation of the correct dates:

FS Maths exam - Wednesday 4th June, 11.30-1.00pm
FS English exam - Thursday 5th June, 12.30-1.15pm

The exams are in the Block 6 ICT rooms as stated on your timetable, please remember to arrive at least 10mins before the start time of your exams.

Thank you.

Jane Webster
Exams Manager

Biz Revision Update

This time next week you will have done your Business exam!

I hope the revision is going well.  Email myself or Miss Cooke if you have any questions you need answering. 

Practice papers, read through your booklets and don't forget Memrise http://www.memrise.com/course/297181/gcse-applied-business-unit-2-financial-records/  for revising those key terms.  

Good luck and see you on Friday for revision in Room 211.

Mrs Reid

Maths Half Term Revision Today

Looking forward to seeing you all for some Maths revision today.  Sign in block 9 class sessions on wall in block 3.

English Revision notes from today

HIGHER.  Look through the mark scheme for the Mock you completed today and mark your responses.  Set yourself a target for each question and try to improve your answer.  Remember to spend the right amount of time writing your responses: 12 minutes for questions 1, 2 and 3 and 20 minutes for question 4.

A lovely day for some English Half Term Revision

See you soon.

You will need to walk down Wildern Lane as it is closed

Half Term Revision starts tomorrow

Tuesday - English

Wednesday - Science

Thursday - Maths

Friday - Music, Business, Media and Food

Last XGames Assembly

Please come to the WAVE at 8:20am on 22nd May 2014

Just a quick chat before your exams start and something to eat

Business Memrise

New level to complete on Memrise.

NB The phone apps don't support levels so you will have to access on computer.

Golds have been awarded for weekly leaders.

Keep it up as we have some competition now from other users.

English then Geography Tonight

English in Block 9 

Then Geograpghy in Block 5 from 4:30pm refreshments available 

Boys and Girls League in the WAVE 8:20am 20th May

Please come to the WAVE from 8:20 on the 20th May 2014 

Top of the Leagues with one week to go...

name league total
FORDER Aron Premier 406
BRAY Katherine Champions 374
BOWERS Matthew Olympic 341
BALL Alice Premier 340
DAMERELL Kayleigh Premier 340
HIRST Naomi Premier 336
LOMBARD Hannah Premier 336
PLUMLEY Chloe Premier 334
DAVIS Thomas Champions 330
WALBRIDGE Patrick Champions 328
JENMAN Samuel Premier 326
EDWARDS Charles Champions 316
LEE Sean Premier 312
MITCHELL Ashleigh Champions 311
HICKMAN Callum Olympic 307
LOCKYER Grace Premier 302
SALKELD Millie Premier 300
MURTAGH Brandyn-Lee Olympic 299
GIBBONS Luke Olympic 298
RITCHIE James Olympic 298
WILLIAMS Hannah Premier 290
SAWYER William Champions 286
DEAN Oliver Premier 286
WEST Megan Olympic 284
BUTTLE Paige Champions 282
TREACHER Katie Champions 282
SKILTON Brandon Premier 282
GOUGH George Champions 281

Click here for Olympic League Scores

Click here for Champions League Scores

Click here for Premier League Scores

Geography Revision Notes

GeogFest tonight at 4:30pm

Half Term Revision

There is no Science on the Tuesday of Half Term only the Wednesday.

New Timetables in tutors pigeonhole

XGames Assembly

Please come to the WAVE at 8:20am on the 16th and 22nd May 2014

Just a quick chat before your exams start and something to eat

Lunch Money

As you will shortly be going onto your revision seminar timetables,  please can you try to reduce your account balances on your lunch accounts as far as possible before leaving. 

Please be advised that Innovate do not refund balances less than £5.00.  Any requests for refunds should be sent in writing to Finance and we in turn will forward their request to Innovate in order for the refund to be made.

Geograpghy Information

Fantastic SDME paper today - well done on the way you conducted yourselves in the exam, an excellent start!

Final preparation for the Geographical Themes Exam... here's a website to help....

Geog Fest will be your final revision event - Held in the Geography Rooms, Monday 19th May after school

These Students to the WAVE during AM reg 14th May 2014

Appleton, Lewis
Baker, Chloe
Briggs, Emily
Cope, Natasha
Craig, Andrew
Dore, Robert
East, Emily
Evans, Lauren
Gilbert, Chloe
Goater, Alexander
Grace, Jack
Guppy, Ryan
Houston, Lauren
Keavney, Nathan
Leighton, Andrew
Mitchell, Ashleigh
Mullins, Matthew
Nicholson, James
O'Horan, Nathaniel
Peet, Cameron
Percy-Bell, Mia
Raine, Michael
Rowley, Abigail
Shan, Pujah
Shaw, Jack
Spiers, Alana
Williams, Hannah
Winter, Mollie
Steckler, Tom

Leavers Survey '14

We all need to listen to the advice we are given

My knee will hurt for a few days.  Your results will be with you a lifetime

Top of the Leagues

This is the situation at the top of all Three leagues with two weeks left.

FORDER AronPremier11S2406
BRAY KatherineChampions11J2366
BALL AlicePremier11A1340
HIRST NaomiPremier11D1336
PLUMLEY ChloePremier11P1334
DAMERELL KayleighPremier11D1332
BOWERS MatthewOlympic11P1331
DAVIS ThomasChampions11S2330
WALBRIDGE PatrickChampions11B2328
LOMBARD HannahPremier11A2318
JENMAN SamuelPremier11D2314
EDWARDS CharlesChampions11P1310
LEE SeanPremier11D1310
HICKMAN CallumOlympic11P2307
LOCKYER GracePremier11P2300
GIBBONS LukeOlympic11D2298
RITCHIE JamesOlympic11P2298
SALKELD MilliePremier11S2290
SAWYER WilliamChampions11D1286
MURTAGH Brandyn-LeeOlympic11A1285
WEST MeganOlympic11A2284
MITCHELL AshleighChampions11B2283
WILLIAMS HannahPremier11B2282
GOUGH GeorgeChampions11P2281
MOODY LaurenOlympic11S1281
SKILTON BrandonPremier11B1280

GCSE General Studies

An example of a 20 mark question for the case study exam to the General Studies blog.

making notes, finding quotes/points from the sources before we start answering the question

English Revision (Workpack)

  1. Use the spelling and vocabulary sheets in this pack to help develop your vocabulary

  1. Complete the sample writing questions in this pack under exam conditions. Use the mark scheme to mark, reflect and improve your response.  (Remember: question 5 – 24 minutes; question 6 = 36 minutes).  Question 6 is worth 25% of your English/English Language GCSE!
  2. Sign up to GCSE Pod:
Go to www.GCSEpod.com and click on Log in.  (If you have not already set up an acooount click on New here? Get started and follow the steps; a link will be sent to your school email account.
Down load the podcasts and use these to help you craete revision cards
  1. Go to GCSE Bitesize:
  1. Work through the Literacy Tasks on the WIN.  This will help you with your spelling, punctuation and grammar.  You can easilly loose marks by making simple errors in your writing.  Don’t forget - you are assessed for spelling, punctuation and grammar in your Literature exams too.
Go to English; KS4; Navigation; Literacy Tasks – complete Stage One, Two and Three
  1. Work through the C to B revision pack:
  1. Work through the A/A* revision pack:
  1. Download exam papers for English/English Language and Literature from the English pages on the WIN

  1. Use the revision material and practice papers on the Wildern English revision site:

Maths revision (Workpack)

There are a few websites that can really help with revision and your maths teacher will give you your logins for these in class by Monday 12th May.  

All BTEC PE students also have access to www.mathspace.co as well - your PE teacher and Miss Sculthorpe (based in 321) have your login details for this.

Question Time Live from Wildern tonight

Image for 08/05/2014

David Dimbleby presents from Southampton. Taking questions from the audience are Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps MP, Labour's shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna MP, Liberal Democrat peer Shirley Williams, UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP and the Green Party's Caroline Lucas MP.

BBC’s apprenticeship scheme

If you have any budding radio journalists in your school, there are just four days left to apply for BBC Local Apprenticeships Scheme – the BBC’s biggest apprenticeship scheme with over 40 placements on offer! You can find more info here:http://www.bbc.co.uk/academy/work-in-broadcast/trainee-schemes/local-apprenticeship

Business GCSE past papers and 10 marker questions

Please download and complete your next past paper.  We have started to complete some of these questions before but I want to experience the whole paper.  PLEASE HAND IN ON 13TH MAY - REMEMBER THE MORE YOU DO, THE MORE FEEDBACK I CAN GIVE YOU :)

Here are some hints for the last question

Sam is planning to expand her business and is considering taking out a bank loan.

Evaluate the importance of her annual Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet to the bank when she applies for a loan. (10 marker)

  • When using the word EVALUATE - it means you need to look at advantages and disadvantages.
  • Evaluate the importance of two financial statements – the profit and loss account and the balance sheet – to a stakeholder (the lender). 
  • To reach a high level it is essential that you demonstrates evaluative skills.
  • Simple statements and theory about the importance of financial statements will only give you a max of 3 marks.
This is the mark scheme

Level 1 1 – 3 MARKS Candidate has made simple statements about profit and loss and
balance sheets. Candidates may only consider one financial statement.
There may be limited development at the top end of the level e.g. The bank will want to see the profit and loss account because it will show them if they have enough money to pay back the loan. The quality of written communication will be poor with frequent spelling, punctuation and grammar errors and the style of writing will not be appropriate to the subject matter

Level 2 4 – 7 MARKS A reasoned evaluation will be given but the answer will lack balance. Candidates are likely to make reference to one of the financial statements with some development. Candidates are likely to have considered either profitability as shown in the P & L account or the liquidity shown in the balance sheet.  There will be a good level of quality of written communication with few mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar. The quality of the
language used will be appropriate for the subject matter; however its
use will not be as confidently used as that in level 3.

Level 3 8 – 10 MARKS  A reasoned and developed evaluation will be given. Both documents will be discussed with some importance/value attached as
development. At the top end of the level a conclusion will be given which shows
understanding that the bank would not base their decision on the financial documents from one year only but would want to see them across a number of years (3) plus a forecast to assess the trends before making a decision on a loan.
The quality of written communication will be of a high standard with few, if any, errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. The style of writing and the structure of the response will be appropriate and of a high standard and there will be clear evidence of analysis in the answer.

SDME Skills

Please click here for SDME Skills slides to help you

Business Memrise

I have set up a Memrise account with revision exercises for key terms.

I will be adding more but the first Memrise is on Key terms needed for the Unit 2 exam in June.

This should enhance your revision process with some of the key business vocab.

I hope that you have all established revision strategies in place now, if not please do not hesitate to see myself or Miss Cooke.

There will be prizes on offer for weekly leaders on the score board.  Please follow the link and sign up.

Mrs Reid