Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Prom Letter 2013/14

Here is a reminder about the Prom letter sent home at the start of Year 11

19th September 2013

Dear Parent/Guardian

Following the Year 11 assembly at the start of this term I am writing, as I do every year, to clearly explain the criteria for attendance to the Senior Prom in July. This is an annual event which we know many of the Year 11 look forward to and thoroughly deserve after their final examinations. This year as previously it will take place at the De Vere Hotel in Southampton. This is the largest venue available that will be able to cater for such large numbers, the service we have received in the past has been excellent and is very good value for money.  The date of the Prom is Friday 4th July 2014.

All students were advised in assembly that this is a privilege and not a right simply for arriving at the end of their formal schooling. Obviously we would hope as many youngsters as possible will be able to attend but there is a clear, strict criteria which we feel parents must also be made aware of.

Students will not be eligible for a ticket if any of the following applies:

  • Any fixed period of exclusion from school in Year 11.
  • Any 1 day inclusions during Year 11.
  • Poor attendance record and persistent punctuality concerns.
  • Failure to meet coursework deadlines.
  • Persistent poor attitude grades across several subjects and/or a negative E ref score.
  • Students who do not sit/fail to turn up for their Year 11 exams they have been entered for.
  • Persistent breaking of school uniform code including jewellery, make-up and hair style.

All students have been advised that this criteria is not negotiable and could apply at any time. If a ticket has been issued the school reserves the right to remove it should any of the above criteria apply. They have also been advised that the school will not be held responsible for any costs incurred for the hiring of dresses or limousines. I would like to add at this point that from experience the need to remove a ticket is very rare and we would hope this would not be necessary.  The above criteria begins from the date of this letter.

The first reservation of tickets will be for the prefects in the first instance for their service to the school above and beyond what is normally expected. Following this reservation period the remainder of those eligible will be able to then reserve tickets. The timeline and process for this is as follows:

  • 22nd-25th  April 2014
  • 28th-2nd May 2014 all other Year 11 students eligible will be able to reserve tickets.

Price of the ticket is not yet finalised.  This will be advised in February 2014.

We hope that the above timeline helps to clarify the procedures for all involved.

To conclude we wish all students in Year 11 the very best as they work towards their final stages of compulsory education at Wildern and their summer examinations.

Yours sincerely

Miss M L Litton