GCSE Mock Results Day 9th Jan 2014

Pupils will need to arrive at 8.15am and make their way to the D@rt to collect their envelopes. 

They will then be able to open their envelopes. 

Inside will be possibly 1 or 2 sheets with results upon.

This will depend whether they sat and early entry exam.

If they did then they will receive a buff coloured sheet which will have their actual GCSE grade for the early entry exam that they sat.

If they did not sit an early entry exam  they will only have a white sheet which will have their MOCK exam results on. 

The pupil will then need to go straight to the hall for an assembly that will be led by MLL and DJJ.

At the end of assembly there will be a small number of pupils who will be asked to go to a room with a member of staff to discuss their results.