100 Points by Xmas

The Following Students have already made 100 points or more before Xmas.  How close are you?

You are more likely to make your target grades if you do?

Name League
ROBERTS Katie Premier 152
ALLAN Catherine Premier 151
MACKEY George Premier 132
WHITE Dakota Premier 130
KING Nathan Premier 129
GUMMA Brooklynne Premier 118
BURDEN Ellie Premier 110
RANGER Kaylum Premier 109
WEBB Benjamin Premier 109
HANNA Olivia Champions 108
BOUND Alice Premier 108
STRODE Oliver Premier 108
JOHNSON Kane Premier 107
FLOYD Ashleigh Champions 106
STREFFORD Thomas Premier 106
BOYD Kirsty Premier 105
NEWELL James Champions 104
GARGARO Emma Olympic 104
MARTIN Jack Premier 103
WAGHORN Hannah Champions 102
STONER Kieran Premier 101
DOWSE Adam Olympic 100
HANNAM Ryan Premier 100
MCFARLANE Paige Premier 100

ICT Web Exam Jan 2015

As you may be aware already the ICT retake will be in the week of 15th January. We will be doing some revision work on it in class but thought i would share some useful revision resources with you

If you go the ICT website you will find a page with lots of revision material 


I have shared a google powerpoint with you that explains some of the key skills that you need

Lastly i have made a series of how to videos that show how to make a website using HTML videos you can find them on YouTube @ http://youtu.be/5N4ffcYY8hM?list=PL6KjnWrZTxt3Zg3iGS4NHcIPefhbnB7Do

Lastly a reminder that clinics are on every day after school if you feel you need some extra help understanding what to do in the exam

Any problems or questions about the exam then please see me ASAP

Mr M.Smith

Roast Dinners all next week

For Christmas Dan is doing roast dinner every lunch time next week:

Monday - lamb
Tuesday - turkey
Wednesday - gammon
Thursday - beef

Hour of Code 2014 #WHRCODE2014

"This week Dec 8-14 all Wildern Students will be taking part in the largest learning event in history,aiming to reach 100 million students! The Hour of Code, it is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. Why not try it too! Click the link to visit our site watch the 2 min video then click the link, start your coding journey."


TCUP / Moss Assembly

The England TCUP routine watch Martin Johnson call it before the drop goal he is number 4 and just falls over with the ball to set up the drop goal.  TCUP (Thinking Clearly Under Pressure) The more you practice the easy things are when you have to perform.

The Julie Moss Clip think about what state you will be in when you finish your exams?  How prepared will you be? What can you do to make things better in the summer?

You have lots of pressures on you this year but it doesn't compare to the pressure of catching this baby.  If you need help ask a member of staff today.

Phillip Hughes #PutOutYourBats tributes

28 November 2014 Last updated at 09:21 GMT

People all over Australia have been paying tribute to the cricketer Phillip Hughes by putting their cricket bats outside their homes.
Many of them posted a picture of their bats on social media under the hastag PutOutYourBats, and the idea has caught on around the world.
The 25-year-old died on Thursday - two days after being struck on the neck during a domestic match in Australia.
Phil Mercer, reports.

Easter Revision 2015

RE YouTube Videos

Here are a few videos that can be found on the Year 11 Revision Youtube site for RE:

http://www.youtube.com/ - First Cause Argument

http://www.youtube.com/ - The Design Argument

http://www.youtube.com/ - The Design Argument (The Watchmaker)

http://www.youtube.com/ - The Problem of Evil and Suffering

http://www.youtube.com/ - Just War Theory

http://www.youtube.com/ - Religious Experience

http://www.youtube.com/ - The Marriage Service

http://www.youtube.com/ - Life After Death

http://www.youtube.com/ - Example of a Religious Experience (Moses)

The Leagues have been updated Nov 2014

You can find out what league you are in by looking at them on the tabs above.  

How close are you  towards the target of 100 points by Christmas?

Remembrance Day 2014

As is school tradition we will be supporting the two minute silence today..

At 10.58am the bell will sound and then ring once more at 11.00am.

Business Memrise

I have set up a Memrise account with revision exercises for key terms.

I will be adding more but the first Memrise is on Key terms needed in preparation for the Mock Exam and the Unit 2 exam in May.

This should enhance your revision process with some of the key business vocab.

I hope that you have all established revision strategies in place now, if not please do not hesitate to see myself or Mr Rose.

There will be prizes on offer for weekly leaders on the score board.  Please follow the link and sign up.

Any questions, please let me know.

Mrs Reid

Be prepared for your mocks

Please use the revision site, follow, like or watch

GCSE Mocks

Just to confirm that Yr11s will be on a suspended timetable from Thursday 13th - Friday 21st November inclusive. This means that they will only be in school for their exams during this period. The only exceptions to this are City College pupils who are expected to attend college on Wednesday 19th November as normal. 

All pupils will get a letter home confirming these arrangements.

Later school start time 'may boost GCSE results'

By Hannah Richardson

Sleepy teenagerMany parents struggle to get their children out of bed in the morning
University of Oxford researchers say teenagers start functioning properly two hours later than older adults.
A trial tracking nearly 32,000 GCSE pupils in more than 100 schools will assess whether a later school start leads to higher grades.
Improved mental health and wellbeing could also result, the scientists say.

Start Quote

Professor of sleep medicine Colin Espie said: "Our grandparents always told us our sleep is incredibly important.
"We have always known that, but it's only recently that we've become engaged in the importance of sleep and circadian rhythm.
"We know that something funny happens when new teenagers start to be slightly out of sync with the rest of the world.
"Of course, your parents think that's probably because you're a little bit lazy and opinionated, if only you got to bed early at night, then you would be able to get up early in the morning.
"But science is telling us, in fact there are developmental changes during the teenage years, which lead to them actually not being as tired as we think they ought to be at normal bedtime and still sleepy in the morning.
"What we're doing in the study is exploring the possibility that if we actually delay the school start time until 10am, instead of 9am or earlier, that additional hour taken on a daily dose over the course of a year will actually improve learning, performance, attainment and in the end school leaving qualifications."
Read more here

What do you think?


What did you get from today?  

What could you do in 20mins tonight?

Have you liked us on facebook yet? WWW.YEAR11FACEBOOK.CO.UK

and followed us on Twitter @year11revision

How many Chinese numbers can still remember?

WHat was the point of the Lego?

Seminar Day

What three things have you picked up from today?

GCSE Results Day - 21st August 2014

I just want to clarify the procedure for the collection of GCSE results.

Year 11 students can collect their results from 10am on Thursday 21st August. If they are unable to attend, they can either supply a SAE to me and I will post their results home or they can write a letter giving permission for someone to collect on their behalf.

Thank you.

Mrs Webster
Exams Manager
Wildern School

Year 11 Staff Leavers Video 2014

Leavers Poem 2014

Year 11  I am standing here and can’t believe how the time has flown
So proud, happy and emotional to see how you have all grown

There are so many happy memories and some sad ones too
One things for certain I will never forget any of you

So here’s a little ode to remind you of the last five years
And to wish you all the best in your new chosen careers

In Year 7 you were very small and very tearful too
You stood there smart and silent – all shiny, bright and new

Brandyn Lee Murtagh was not quite so small
With his beautiful manners and oh so tall

You all made lots of lovely new friends
Some who you kept and some came to an end

You got lost in the corridors and worried about being late
Now most of year 11 are last in the gate

In Year 8 you were not the babies anymore
Pathways, options and GCSE’s were a chore

You raised lots of money for the shoebox appeal
Earning lots of gold e refs was such a big deal

There were so many opportunities for you all to take
Archery, football and Cross Country just so many choices to make

There is Sam Jenman with his football and Georgia Dalley with Blaze her horse
There is just so much talent in my year group – sadly, too many to mention of course

Year 9 we saw Cabaret with starts like Beth, Owen and Chloe to name but a few
Your confidence and talents just grew and grew

Missing tutor you know I would not tolerate
Jack Grace and Max Parker you were always so late

The Faith in Football Project, BBC School News report and lots more
There were so many opportunities for you at every door

Year 10  Mr Hastings was replaced by Mr D -which was ever so sad
Goodness, how many ADOPAs does that mean that I have had

Head girls and boys and prefects all so proud
Oli, Jess, Andy and Anya you always stood out from the crowd

Then there’s the college kids – every Thursday off they go
Set for life with a good start with all they know

We gained some pupils in our year group, and also lost some too
Hannah and Ash you returned from Auz  -  we really did miss you

Year 11 you all started to worry, as you could see the time fly
But remember anything is possible if you give it a try

Johnny Jones the Joker of the pack – who was not always caught
And George Cousins who was ever so charming to Pupil Support

You have challenged me, stressed me and crossed many lines
I have shouted and praised and lost my temper at times

You are a magnificent bunch who are now moving on
To enjoy College and Uni soon Wildern will be long gone

An inspirational and hardworking team - what more can I say
I never thought I would see this day

So good luck and farewell and live life to the full

Remember the best days of your life were at Wildern School