Monday, June 10, 2013

Mr Main's top GCSE Maths tips:

1. Spend the first 5 mins reading the paper
This will calm you down, give you an idea of what you will be doing and help prevent silly mistakes at the start.
You can write key words / rules next to each question that you have just revised.

2. Read each question twice and underline key words
Make sure you have identified what you are being asked to do and that your final answer is what you are being asked for.

3. Show your calculations
Demonstrate to the examiner you understand what you are doing. Your claculations are your insurance against small mistakes that can cost your final mark in a question.

4. * Look out for the stars *
A starred question always needs a written conculsion.

5. Check for units and rounding
Make sure you have given units if you are asked for them and also that you have rounded your answers correctly.

6. Answer every question
Don't leave gaps, make a logical guess. It could get you some valuable extra marks.

7. Have all your equipment
Don't penalise yourself before you start.
2 black pens (in case 1 runs out)
2 sharp pencils
Pair of compasses
Calculator for Friday