Science Exam Top Tips

Science "Bug" for the 6 mark questions in Science (Box, Underline, Glance back) Break the question down. if it's asking you to explain the advantages and disadvantages, that's 3 marks a piece, so 3 advantages AND 3 disadvantages needed Always start by stating the obvious and build from there Don't over think it, if it looks simple, it probably is simple! Unless you are 100% sure that your first answer is wrong, LEAVE it alone, don't change it! If you are given a table of data or a graph then it's because you need to use it! Section D is about data analysis, so your answers should contain DATA i.e. numbers! READ the information at the start of the questions, often there's a clue in it... Use scientific vocabulary, not "stuff", "things" etc. Don't forget the equations at the front of the exam paper and the periodic table at the back are there to help - USE THEM! Don't forget a BLACK pen....You are allowed a calculator and should also have a pencil and a ruler