Monday, November 05, 2012

Geography - Mock Exam - What will it be like?

Geography Mock Exam: What will it be like?
The mock exam will be very much like your real GCSE geography exam. It will have 3 sections:

Section A: Rivers & Coasts
Section B: Natural Hazards (Tectonic hazards ONLY - we have not studied climatic hazards yet!)
Section C: Economic Development
You will need to choose ONE question from each section. 

What do I need to revise?
You will need to revise the following topics:

- Rivers
- Coasts
- Economics
- Development
- Tectonic Hazards

*Remember for each topic there are case studies. Click here for a list of the case studies we have studied. 

*OCR Revision Guides are available to buy (£3.50) - please collect an order form from Finance.   

Miss Skinner