Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Feedback from marking ICT Unit 5

  • If its not uploaded to your EPortfolio– it won’t get marked!
  • Work on section B feedback first - if test plan, assets or storyboard not complete or missing then marks for this section will be very low
  • Add a keyboard event so that the moderator can move through the levels of your game and get to the end without having to play the whole thing.
  • Get rid of all red writing on test plan, overview and storyboards
  • Add a back story screen – to reflect London – 2552 Olympics
  • Separate instructions are not just a print screen of your instructions from your game but something more professional looking and user friendly - PDFd
  • Details of editing in your assets table are ‘details’ ie: not just ‘made it in Fireworks’
  • Test plan – make sure you test all keyboard controls once game is complete – not just tests as the game has developed
  • Promo video – include sounds and images in your assets table
  • Promo video – include pegi rating, which platform your game will be available on and a build up / walk through of your game
  • Review and Promo – check the read drive for examples of these so you know what marks you’re aiming for
  • If your game has changed completely then don’t go back and do your storyboards  but evidence it in your assets table, test plan or design log
  • Design log for higher marks / top sets – to explain design decisions as your game developed- section B is worth a lot of marks even if your game is 'not how you want it'
  • Moodboard – you won’t get the marks unless you can evidence how you’ve met all the criteria on the moodboard list.

Unit5 Marking Feedback.ppt Download this file