What to do at ICT Easter Revision

So with your deadline today Friday 30 March here this what you need to upload during your Easter Revision session:

Game Evidence
Final Game
Game Showcase
Game Review

Development Evidence
Overview/Proposal form with teacher feedback
Moodboard evidence
Rules Log
Asset Table
Test Plan
Design Log

Sign in via block 9


Everythings ready for you to sign in via block 9. Then head to your usual ICT room.

Work together, play together.

Work hard in the first week of Easter by going to Easter revision then have a good rest in the second week.

Work together with your friends and look after each other whilst relaxing in the second week

Sport Relief Mile in Southampton is back!


The Sainsbury's Sport Relief Mile in Southampton is back!

 The fun takes place in Guildhall Square.

 Participants will pass through Watts and Andrews Park with a route packed full of entertainment and supporters.

  Don’t miss out on a fantastic occasion enter The Southampton Mile now!

 Click Here

Maths Classic Mistake Number 5

Classic Mistake Number 5 Listen on Posterous


ICT Unit 5 : What do I need to upload?

So with your deadline of Friday 30 March fast approaching, here is a list of the evidence that you need to upload:

Game Evidence
Final Game
Game Showcase
Game Review


Development Evidence
Overview/Proposal form with teacher feedback
Moodboard evidence
Rules Log
Asset Table
Test Plan
Design Log

SKB Assembly

What were the two points of the Assembly?

  Make sure you listen to the advice you were given!

ICT UNIT 5 Review

Here is what you need to do for the review
You must produce a review of your game that would be suitable for publication in an on-screen computer games magazine. Here are some examples:
Attached are the files that you will need to complete the review for Unit5.
1. R6 Game_review.rtf - This is the template that you need to fill in when writing the review
2. Review5 - 5 marks - This is an example review that achieved full marks, use it to help you when writing your own review

Review 5 - 5 marks.pdf
 Download this file
R6 Game_review.rtf 

GCSE BIZ Thurs P5 - 22nd March

Just a reminder about the Yr 11 Business mock taking place tomorrow during Period 5.

World Top 50 for French songs

The World Top 50 for French songs was launched this weekend in 35 countries, including the UK where the Top 50 is organised in partnership with ALL. 
This is an opportunity for you to listen to French songs and use them in classroom activities.
Please go the French Top 50 website www.le-top-50.org  and click on the UK.
You can also access the Top 50 facebook page


GCSEPod has over 2500 GCSE specific podcasts which you can watch online on a school or home computer or download to play later on your iPod, iPhone, Blackberry or Android device.  You can navigate the chapters to focus on specific areas, learn about each subject with audio, text and images and find out exactly which podcasts you need to prepare for forthcoming exams.
GCSEPod is FREE OF CHARGE to all Wildern School students and staff.
How to access:
1)      Click the GCSEPod logo above to go to the GCSEPod registration and login page
2)      Register using your School email address
3)      After clicking ‘Sign up’, go to your School email account and find the email sent from GCSEPod.  Click the activation link in the email and you will be automatically logged in
4)      Once logged in you can view any of the podcasts by searching by subject or go to the ‘Prepare for my next exam’ area to find out exactly which podcasts are relevant to your exams
Do you have an Apple, Blackberry or Android device?  If you want to download a podcast for your device, click one of these buttons:
Your podcast link will be added to your GCSEPod ‘My Downloads’ area.  When you get home, login to GCSEPod on your home computer and download your podcast from the ‘My Downloads’ area. 

AST Seminars in action today

AST Revision Seminars

The ASTs are running three year 11 revision seminars which are taking place tomorrow Tuesday (20th March) in the Wave.   Click here to see which group you are in?

GCSE Textiles websites

More GCSE Textiles Videos Available on our Year 11 Revision You Tube Channel
Traditional V Modern  

Indian Block Printing

Fashion Forecasting

Free Business Studies Revision app

ORCA Education now have a series of revision apps for iphone, ipad and ipod touch available for you. Just in time for this years exams.

Try them yourself.
Search get2know on the itunes store or click here
Get2Know Business Foundations Lite: a free single topic sample.
Business Foundations: The basis of business, companies, economies government and external influences. Business Success: Product development, marketing, production and location. Business Finance: Objectives and growth, sources of finance, financial planning, accounts and records. Business Management: Internal organisation, recruiting and training, motivation of work, communication.

Learn with over 45 pages of full colour illustrated explanations on each app with guidance notes and content. Explore with exam/homework style tasks, Q&A, and keywords or concepts. Then Test in three different ways with a memory game, true or false and a 20 question marked formal test. All with full feedback.

DiDA Unit 5 Gamemaker marks

·   Strand A (5 marks)
o       No hand done drawings on the moodboard – if there are may be a bad moodboard but if good levels / characters then can help with Strand B
o       Moodboard – must be able to see the pictures clearly – can be annotated on board or around the outside
o       Cover all items on checklist some areas e.g. style of games may need several images – annotate all areas – feedback – good proposal overview then full marks

·   Strand C (9 marks)
o       If the game doesn’t fit in with the scenario – low marks in C but can still achieve high mark in D – add background story and make sure ending is Olympic themed

·   Strand D (7 marks)
o       Does it show originality in terms of concept or assets?
o       Is there effective feedback to the player e.g. scores, life, health
o       Is the game sufficiently challenging? – amount of time / levels
o       Does the player know what to do and how to win
o       Are the bugs which spoil the game play? E.g. catching in platforms

·   Strand B – 11 marks
o       Assets table – only for game / promo. Copyright – Strand C – use material from other sources, providing they explain what changes would need to be made to the product/publication in order to make it for it’s intended purpose. For example “the image of the clown on my digital poster would need to be replaced with an original or copyright free image before the poster can be used to publicise the event, as intended”
o       Storyboards – justify what they have done, needs to be annotated – must not be from the game – what assets / colour will you need – with reasons – if not a linear game then include a flowchart showing possible paths through
o       Timeline – Timeline not in all SPBs - don’t do if not asked
o       Rules table – needs to be done up front – don’t need to update as new ideas occur but for highest marks could add this to show development – if it’s on the storyboard needs to be in the rule log – no crossover between the general and specific rules
o       Test plan – must clearly see what process of testing has occurred during the game – could be a narrative (but must be specific problems)
o       Feedback – ongoing, regular have disagreements
o       Candidates who produced good design logs also produced games which were effective and fun to play
o       The process of testing and making changes to the game was often badly recorded
o       If complete all documents reasonably 5/6 no more than that – need to show extensive evidence of testing to achieve this
o       Can give templates to any and all kids at no penalty
o       Need to make sure that the testing log shows problems that you may have had

·   Strand E – Promo (5marks)
o       No eportfolio - Other evidence has to be accessible but not need for context pages
o       Promo for the game
o       Should reuse some assets from the game – sounds, sprites, video clips

·   Strand F – Review (5 marks)
o       Not a project review
o       Comment on strengths and weaknesses of the game
o       Obtain feedback on finished game
o       Must be evaluative and fit for purpose
o       Don’t just write bullet points – need more detail than that
o       Magazines wouldn’t write a review in bullet point format so would not be fit for purpose

Extra Mini Wave Assemblies

There are a series of extra mini assemblies coming up over the next few weeks
All Assemblies will take place in WAVE please look on the tabs above to see if you are in any of these group
SKB Group Assembly 22 March
Exam technique Group Assembly 23 March
Olympic League Assembly 28th March
Champions League Assembly 29th March
Premier League Assembly 30th March 
Boys League Assembly by invitation 18th April
Girls League Assembly 19th April
SKB Group Assembly, 20, April
Olympic League Assembliy 25th April
Champions League Assembly 26th April
Premier League Assembly 27th April
Boys League Assembly  3rd May
Girls League Assembly 4th May
Olympic League Assembliy 9th May
Champions League Assembly 10th May
Premier League Assembly 11th May

Mangahigh maths week

manga high intro.notebook Download this file

It is UK maths competition week on Mangahigh next week.

It is a game based maths website but really good for revision.

Schools Vote

Just trying to get some support for the Wildern Video here

Please can you have a look and vote for Wildern


Creative iMedia

Work from Option ICT class

GCSE Science C4 links

And one chemistry link

how dry cleaning works

GCSE Science B4 and P4 Links


carbon cycle

biomass fuels....

( pick out any inaccurate facts on this one)

ultrasound/ echo location


carbon dating
how carbon dating works

shroud of turin

nuclear power

nuclear bombs chain reaction hiroshima

English Well Done

Well done from the English Department on your results 81% A*-C for a unit that you've never attempted before.

Great Job

Mr Jones

15 Grammar Mistakes That Can Make You Look Silly


The Leagues have just been updated


SAFETY ALERT - Jequirity Bean Bracelets

An alert has been issued by the East Midlands Ambulance Service, in conjunction with the Employment Medical Advisory Service of the Health and Safety Executive with regards to the sale of bracelets which may have been purchased, as per the photo above and photos attached.  These bracelets have been on sale at various retail outlets across the UK, including the Eden Project in Cornwall.  Information has been issued from those retailers urging customers to return the red and black bracelets made from the Jequirity bean.  The Jequirity bean bracelet is made from the deadly seed of the plant abrus precatorious.  It contains the toxin abrin that if swallowed, has the potential to kill in doses of just 3 micrograms.  Abrin is chemically similar to ricin, a chemical warfare agent.  People who have bought, or are in possession of the bracelets, are being urged to bag them, then wash their hands and avoid touching their eyes.

Abrus precatorius has many names around the world including Jequirity, Crab's Eye, Rosary Pea, John Crow Bead, Precatory bean, Indian Licorice, Akar Saga, Giddee Giddee or Jumbie Bead.  A native of Indonesia, it is a legume with long, feather-like leaves and mostly red and black beads used in percussion instruments and jewellery. The plant grows in tropical and subtropical areas. It has long been a symbol of love in China, and its name in Chinese means 'mutual love bean'. In Trinidad in the West Indies the brightly coloured seeds are strung into bracelets and worn around the wrist or ankle to ward off jumbies or evil spirits. A tea is made from the leaves and used to treat fevers, coughs and colds.

Ray West (RW Safety Solutions) spoke with Hampshire Constabulary Force Enquiries Officer (Winchester HQ) earlier this evening.  You are advised that if you or any of your children are in possession of one these bracelets, then you should double bag the bracelets, seal the bag and hand it in to your local police station where they will arrange safe disposal. You may also wish to consider informing parents who may have children with these bracelets.

KONY 2012

KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.

New - Maths Twitter Competition

We are launching a new maths twitter competition starting today, with prizes being awarded for correct tweets each week.  Every Monday, two questions at Higher and two at Foundation level will be tweeted from @Wildernmaths with either the hashtags #WildernmathsH or #WildernmathsF.  Just reply to the tweet with your answer and you'll go into the draw for the prizes that week. Great way to kick-start your maths revision for the week and get rewarded for doing so too!  Follow @Wildernmaths for the competition tweets. Answers need to be sent by 3pm on Fridays.

We will also post the questions on here each week but you will still need to tweet your answers with the hashtags!! 

Topics to revise for GCSE Maths Calculator paper on Monday

Topics to revise for Calculator paper on Monday

Percentage change
Trial and improvement
Pythagoras’ Theorem
Area/Circumference of a circle
Mean from a frequency table
Currency conversions
Volume of cuboids and prisms
Pie Charts
Scatter Graphs
Stem and Leaf
Solving equations
Transformations - translations, rotations, reflections

Remember your calculators!

GCSE Geography - Development and Water Aid

Geog Y11 - Development and Water Aid please watch these Movies to help you revise